Floor tiles

Floor tiles are popularly used in kitchens as well as bathrooms. The tiles have evolved in styles, colors, shapes and sizes over the years. With so many options available, it is difficult to choose the right fit. Keeping in mind some important factors can help narrow the selection process and understanding basic guidelines of installation would ease the process of laying the tiles onto the floor.
Ceramic vs. Porcelain Tiles
Besides these two main categories, there are three sub-categories of porcelain tiles: Natural, Polished and Glazed. The porcelain tiles also come with three types of finishes: Unglazed, Mattered and High Polished. It is important to consider the function before selecting the type of tile from these main floor tile categories. In a kitchen there would normally be a lot of traffic, drops and spills and if the tiles cannot withstand them, their form of look be of no value. It becomes important to understand the function while selecting the tiles.
Match Up the Tiles with the Rest of the Kitchen Equipment
The selection of the kitchen tiles for the floor, one must ensure that the color scheme and the décor are taken under consideration. It could be a good idea to consult a professional interior designer to help you decide what color, shape and size of tiles would make your kitchen get that look that you desire.
Important guidelines
It is very important to select floor tiles which are durable for the kitchen. The selected tile should be study enough to withstand kitchen issues like heavy dropped items, spilled liquid, hot liquid etc. The tiles should not be very porous in the kitchen. Avoid using very heavy glazed as that could make the tiles very slippery.
You can either hire a professional to lay down your tiles or do it yourself.
After the right tiles are selected, just install 5-10 tiles at a time. This would prevent application of adhesive over a large area and would make the installation easier. Trying to rush the job could prove to be expensive and result in a lot of waste.
Even if you are extra careful while laying down the tiles, there would be mistakes. No matter how careful you are, you would drop the tiles by mistake resulting in broken tiles. It would be a good idea to buy some spare tiles so that in case there are some that break, it still saves you a trip to the store.
Follow these tips and make a kitchen that you have always desired.