Selection of the best flooring for the garage

Finding the best flooring option for the garage from the various ranges available is often confusing for many. One must consider quite a few things before deciding on the best option for the garage floor. Endurance, value, functionality and money are few aspects that leave most people in a fix. There are primarily three kinds of garage floors used today. They are floor mats, floor tiles and floor paint. Each has different aspects that need to be considered. We would analyze each aspect that would help identify the right flooring for the garage.

Functionality: The usage of the garage varies from home to home and person to person. While some use the garage for what it is actually just meant for, parking their cars, others could be using it as a room or a workshop and spending a lot of time in a garage. If you love maintaining you car and take out time to fix the car as you do with other objects of home, you too would spend a lot of time in the garage. A garage is more Functional if there is a lot of foot traffic in it. So if you tend to spend a lot of time in the garage, a tile or a flooring mat may not be the best option. Affordability Using the garage floor paint is definitely the most economical and affordable option. Floor tiles and floor mats are expensive to install as well as are less durable.

If budget is a constraint, choosing floor paint for the garage would be the best decision. Floor paints too have variety but the most common ones used are, Later and Epoxy paint. Epoxy scores over latex due to its ease to apply and its easier cleaning and maintenance. Besides being water resistant, Epoxy sticks well on a concrete floor and seals it too. Endurance: The durability of floor paints is much higher than of tiles and mats. Tiles and mats being more prone to wear and tear, flooring paints not only last more but are also easy to maintain keeping the garage floor free of grease and oil. If for some reason the stains cannot be removed, just applying a patch of epoxy paint on the affected areas does the trick.
After understanding the elements to be considered in deciding the best garage flooring option, the choice should not be very difficult. A professional like an interior designer can be consulted for help if one is unsure of the paint to be used. The designer could even advice on using the paint creatively to add some style to the garage.