Vinyl Tiles

Vinyl Tiles are an attractive and easy-to-clean choice when you add flooring to your home. Vinyl tiles are normally exhibited fragility (especially when used as kitchen tiles), so it becomes important that their installation is done properly. Some research done to understand the correct procedure of vinyl tile installation and following those instructions can ensure that your time and money is not wasted.

Select proper adhesive

One must use the appropriate adhesive to install vinyl tiles. There are adhesives particularly made for vinyl. Compromising on quality of adhesive to save some money is not advisable.
After you have selected the right adhesive, it is even important to use it appropriately. Ensure that you carefully read the instructions provided on the label of the adhesive. There are special instructions mentioned to apply the adhesive on wet concrete floors.

Ensure Smooth surface

Having a smooth surface is very important before the laying of vinyl tiles begin. Their surface should be thoroughly cleaned and any gaps, fractures or pits on the surface should be repaired. A good way to check flaws on the floor is at night by aiming a ray of light that shines obliquely along the flooring.
Exercise caution in cutting tiles
While the tiles are laid onto the floor, there would be a need for tile cutting as well. Avoid using a razor knife and use a cutter made for cutting vinyl tiles. These cutters give perfect cuts and do not make the cut tiles look ugly.

Also, the first row of tiles, if laid down properly would ensure that laying down successive rows of tiles is relatively easier. The first row should be in a straight line or equidistant at all points from the closest wall. You could use markings with a chalk-like to help guide the laying of the first row of vinyl tiles.

Use a roller to get an even finish

Once the vinyl tiles have been installed, you could be required to use a heavy-duty floor roller within a defined duration post installation. This tool could be rented from tool centers and as there is no need to buy it. The roller’s wheels should be cleaned before using it on the floor. The vinyl tile floors should be maintained well by cleaning and keeping sand and dirt off the tiles, after installation to ensure durability

Following the guidelines would make the process of laying down vinyl tiles very easy. Besides voiding mistakes while installation, you would also save yourself a lot of time. You would be delighted to see the results of your hard work and get the worthy value of your money.